Rocky View County Recruitment project

Rdeca Group helped Rocky View County tell a compelling brand story through the passion and conviction of its own employees. We developed a series of employee testimonial videos — dubbed success stories — for Rocky View County’s Human Resources microsite. Over the course of several months, employees were photographed and filmed performing their jobs and discussing what makes Rocky View such a uniquely rewarding place to work. We integrated the final video segments with supporting text and images throughout the microsite, providing an authentic and inspirational glimpse into the organization.

Following the testimonial videos, Rdeca Group went on to produce a recruitment video montage for the client’s Human Resources microsite and recruitment kiosk. Employee sound bites and action shots were incorporated with steadicam aerial footage of the County to provide prospective employees with a glimpse into the beauty and diversity of the County, and its unique appeal as an employer. A layer of animated typography helps narrate the video and underscores the message that Rocky View County awakens the five senses and inspires even more.


Art Direction
User Experience