Eagle Lake Rebrand project

Rdeca Group helped a landscape supplier grow to new heights with an authentic, engaging and aspirational visual identity system. The newly-designed logo for Eagle Lake Professional Landscape Supply is a minimalist representation of an eagle in flight, with its outstretched wings composed of organic shapes. When viewed together, these elements are suggestive of a budding plant, lotus flower, or similar plant-related iconography. The non-specific nature of this derivative organic shape creates positive connotations such as growth in a general sense without representing a specific variety of plant. 

Two different visual metaphors are employed within Eagle Lake's brand identity. First and foremost is the eagle of the company’s namesake. Symbolically, the eagle has historically been associated with strength, vision, courage and authority — all attributes that could easily be applied to the ideals of their organization. Secondary organic elements within the logo imply growth and progress, and serve as a literal nod to Eagle Lake’s core business. The new identity provides a succinct and aspirational graphic symbol of the company, its products and services, and its core philosophy. The new logo is memorable as a unique visual metaphor, and its inherent simplicity facilitates reproduction across a variety of brand applications. 

A set of earth tones is employed to visually reinforce themes of growth and progress. The deep hues lend themselves well to optimal legibility and reproduction at a variety of sizes and media applications. The tagline innovation outdoors provides a succinct, authentic and literal reinforcement of the Eagle Lake brand essence. It succeeds as a description of the client's business philosophy, and it makes a simple, inspirational statement about the organization itself. On a secondary level, the tagline’s “in/out” wordplay creates a subtle mnemonic device.